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What We Do

We believe in making amazing art into Home Décor‎ items that you will love and cherish forever. We carefully examine our art files and resize each piece individually. Yes this means extra work and lots of time. However, this ensures that each piece will be made to fit the exact size of the Décor item you order. We care about what we sell and believe in doing so, our customers will receive an item that will NOT be pixelated; but a high quality Décor piece. We love what we do; we hope to gain your trust and hope you will shop with us for all your current and future Décor needs.

Why We're different from our competitors?

We may be new to the market; however, don't let that fool you. We have over 13 years experience in Full Branding and Graphic Design ranging from local advertising companies to Fortune 500 companies. There is a skill that has been learned while we have worked with tough Art Directors; where room for error is not accepted—Companies that expect only high quality work. With this extensive knowledge we feel that Defiant Décor offers the highest quality, and best prints available.

Our standards are high and we will NOT allow files that will not print correctly, color modes that will look muddy, or files that will be be pixelated or noisy when re-sized. We strive for excellence and we believe in doing our part with these small details differentiates us from all the rest, and makes us a cutting edge; Boutique style art Décor shop.

Defiant Décor

We were founded in April of 2015.
We are proud to be born and raised here in beautiful Denver, Colorado. We believe our love for our home state will be showcased in a few of our pieces. =)
We are a small company and plan to keep it this way as long as we can. We may not have hundreds of artist or thousands of files to choose from. We know that this gives us time to thoroughly research trends and offer Home Decor styles that will be fresh and current. We hope you will share this unique experience with us as we grow.

About our first collection:

"Add a Little Color 2 Your Life". The name says it all. We custom designed colorful, bright and vivid designs to showcase your homes style, regardless of your current Feng shui. See the fun, quirky side of us, before as we prepare to build other collections. Whether it's a mug, pillow or shower curtain, it will make your room pop. All our items are made to order in the USA and shipped from Denver, Colorado.

Defiant Décor: For those that told me What I couldn't do!

Be Defiant—Defiant Décor